VistaPrint Vs 123print Vs Fedex Office: Which Online Printing Service is Best?
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VistaPrint Vs 123print Vs Fedex Office: Which Online Printing Service is Best?

Each of these online printing services offer similar products, with the differences lying in pricing and the amount of services offered. FedEx offers more printing services like binding and manual printing, making it the most complete printing company. VistaPrint and 123Print offer all of the basic services and products at very good prices. Choosing between the three will depend on what you are looking for; best prices, free offers, or more advanced services.
Covered in this report
VistaPrint — Best Features
VistaPrint has the lowest priced business cards.
They will build a website and a Facebook page for you and your business.
Best for: Businesses that need printing services and webpage services at good prices.
123print — Best Features
They offer vertical business cards and business cards with linen paper stock.
123Print currently has the lowest price on calendars.
Best for: Businessmen and women, who would like something different with their business cards, like vertical cards, linen or raised print.
Best deal: 10% Off Orders $60 or More - [activate coupon]
FedEx Office — Best Features
FedEx Office has binding, CDDVD duplicated and finishing services.
FedEx Office offers more online printing services and products.
Best for: Businesses that need to have manuals printed, bindery services and other full service printing needs.
Best deal: 25% off on next order - [activate coupon]

An online printing service can be cheaper and more efficient than printing marketing material yourself or going to a local print shop. Since business cards are the most popular orders at a printing companies, this review will look at the designing and costs of business cards and the costs for other popular online printing services and products. 


VistaPrint was founded by Robert Keane in 1994 in a small apartment in France as a direct marketing catalogue. Over time VistaPrint turned into an e-commerce business. They were able to drive down printing costs allowing them to offer business cards at a reduced price. Today, VistaPrint has more than 25 localized websites, 4,100 employees and three manufacturing facilities.

VistaPrint Online Printing Services

VistaPrint offers much more than just printing business cards. Their list of online printing services and products include:

  • Business Cards
  • Website and Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Materials such as flyers and brochures
  • Signs and Banners
  • Invitations, Announcements and Stationary
  • Customized T-shirts
  • Holiday Products
  • Calendars
  • Labels and Stickers
  • Promotional Items
  • Finance Products
  • Business Services

VistaPrint can also build a website for your business, help you with email and build your Facebook page.

VistaPrint Online Business Cards

VistaPrint offers the following types of business cards.

Creating Online VistaPrint Business Cards

This section will go through designing and ordering premium business cards from VistaPrint. You will start by searching for a design. You can search for a design by industry, styles or personal and family. You can also upload your own design.

Once you pick the design you want for your business card, you fill in all of the information you want on the business card. At this point, you can click on "more customization options" and add graphics to your business card like maps, words and change fonts.

You will also have the option to have printing on the back of the business card for a small extra cost. Then you will proof read all of the information you want on the card, approve it and choose the quantity. Vista Print has the following prices for premium business card quantities on matte paper.

If you do not want the business cards on matte paper, you can choose from the following paper stock and prices. These are the current prices for 250 business cards.

  • Premium glossy cost $11.24
  • Premium matte costs $9.74
  • Glossy paper costs $9.74
  • Recycled matte costs $14.99

VistaPrint Discounts and Coupons

VistaPrint Customer Comments

VistaPrint has good customer ratings and comments. gives VistaPrint the following ratings:

  • Overall satisfaction of 9 out of 10.
  • Product met expectations rating of 9 out of 10.

A few customer comments form include:

  • "I love the Vista products. I have ordered several different types of cards over the years and I am always satisfied with the quality of the products. I am a customer for life."
  • "The new premium cards are absolutely gorgeous. I didn't even realize there was room for so much improvement over the old standard cardstock, but these are printed on heavier, more durable cardstock. They look and feel so much smoother and more professional than the old premium matte style cards. I will be recommending VistaPrint to everyone in the market for new promotional items."
  • "My order came on time and looked great."


123Print has been in business since 2006 and is owned by Taylor Corporation, which is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. 123Print's corporate office is in Frederick, MD and they have two production facilities located in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

123Print Online Printing Services

123Print is an online printing service that offers high quality printing that you can customize. Their line of online printing services and products include:

  • Business Identity category is where you will find business cards, envelopes, letterheads and presentation folders.
  • Market Your Business includes brochures, calendars, flyers, magnets, mugs, postcards, rack cards, outdoor banners, signs and more.
  • Office Organization has address stamps, business forms, mailing labels and memo pads.
  • 123Print can also print wedding announcements and announcements for many other occasions.

Creating Online 123Print Business Cards

123Print has a large selection of business cards designs that you can customize. You can order business cards in the following styles:

On 123Print, you will start by choosing the design of your business card. You can choose by:

  • Design Style
  • Product Type: This can be regular business cards, magnetic or recycled.
  • Orientation can be horizontal or vertical cards.
  • Industry

Once you pick your design, you will click on customize and enter in the information as you want it to appear on your business card. You will have options to change fonts, add text and add an image. You also have the option of printing on the back of your business card.

123Print has the following quantity prices for their business cards. These prices are for standard matte paper stock.

  • 100 business cards for $9.95.
  • 250 cards - $16.95
  • 500 cards - $29.95
  • 1,000 cards - $53.95
  • 2,000 cards - $100.95
  • 3,000 cards - $120.95
  • 5,000 cards - 156.95

If you would like, you can choose different paper stock. Add the following prices to the standard matte stock price.

  • Linen: Add $21.00
  • Premium Glossy: Add $21.00
  • Premium Matte: Add $21.00
  • Standard Glossy is the same price as the standard matte paper stock.

123Print Discounts and Coupons

123Print Customer Comments rates 123Print 4.5 stars out of 5 with the following customer comments.

  • "I recently ordered save-the-dates for my wedding from 123Print.  Their website is very user friendly, but its best feature is 24/7 live help from a human.  I had a simple question about resolution, and with the click of my mouse, I was live-chatting with a rep in less than 60 seconds.  On a Sunday night, no less…"
  • "I recently purchased save-the-date postcards from 123Print, and I am extremely happy with the result.  The cards arrived on time, they looked exactly as I had designed them on the 123Print website, and the colors were just as vibrant as they appeared online.  Moreover, the printing prices were exceptionally affordable, especially given the high quality of the cards."
  • "I ordered 500 of the glossy, high quality business cards and I couldn't be happier.  The quality of the work was perfect.  The color was spot on.  The cutting was perfect--and we are a graphic arts company.  Business cards are a pain for us to make as they aren't are specialty so I especially appreciate such a quality product"

FedEx Office

FedEx Office is part of the well-known shipping company Federal Express, otherwise known as FedEx. In 2004, FedEx acquired Kinko's and became FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centers. In 2008, they changed to FedEx Office. FedEx Office has local retail stores in addition to their online printing services.

FedEx Office Online Printing Services

Of these three companies, FedEx Office is the closest to an actual print shop since they offer more online printing services. FedEx Office offers the following products and online printing services.

  • Business Essentials: Business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, postcards, Envelopes, invitations and presentations.
  • Home and Office: Note pads, note cards, photo wall and desk calendars, customer greeting cards, labels and customer rubber stamps.
  • Promotional Products: Mugs, t-shirts, pens, hats, and magnets.

FedEx Office Copy and Print Services

Creating Online FedEx Office Business Cards

We will look at how FedEx Office lets you design business cards.

Once again, we will select premium business cards. You can browse their designs, build your own design or upload your completed design. You can choose the card design by industry, styles or family and personal.

You then enter in your information and also customize it. Actually, the screen and tools on FedEx Office are the same as those on VistaPrint. Once you have finished, you can choose the quantity and type of paper stock. FedEx Office has the following prices for matte stock business cards.

  • 250 cards cost $20.99
  • 500 cards - $27.99
  • 1,000 cards - $34.99
  • 1,500 cards - $39.74

You can also choose from the following paper stock at FedEx Office.

  • Premium matte, which is thicker and heavier stock than regular matte costs an extra $4.99.
  • Glossy stock costs an extra $4.99.

FedEx Office Online Discounts and Coupons

FedEx Office Customer Comments

FedEx Office does not have any customer comments about their online printing services. It could be because many do not realize that FedEx Office has an online store in addition to their retail stores. You can read comments about their local stores on

FedEx oversized printing services

Online Printing Price Comparison

Business cards and marketing products such as flyers, brochures and calendars make up a large part of orders that a printing company will get. The following are price comparisons for popular online printing services and products.

250 Business Cards on matte paper stock

  • VistaPrint - $10.00
  • 123Print - $16.95
  • FedEx Office - $20.99

250 Brochures (11" x 8.5")

  • VistaPrint - Tri-folded, full color both sides, costs $97.49.
  • 123Print - Tri-folded, backside included, costs $189.95.
  • FedEx Office - Tri-folded, color, both sides cost $199.99

50 Wall Calendars

  • VistaPrint - 11" x 8.5", with a grayscale grid on 100 lb. glossy paper stock costs $435.49.
  • 123Print - 10 3/8" x 10" costs $122.95.
  • FedEx Office - 11" x 8.5", standard 100 lb text glossy stock costs $749.99.

100 Flyers (11" x 8.5")

  • VistaPrint - Front side is color and the backside is grey-scale (optional color backside for an extra cost) for a cost of $59.99.
  • 123Print - One-sided color costs $79.95.
  • FedEx Office - One-sided, color, 32 lb. laser paper, cost $75.

Best Online Printing Service

There is no actual best online printing service out of these three companies. They all have their own advantages.

Best Prices

At this time, VistaPrint has the lowest prices on many online printing services and they offer free products as well.

Most Online Printing Services and Products

FedEx Office has the most online printing services because they are able to do binding, presentation folders and finishing.

Most Business Card Design Options

Each company offers basically the same design options for business cards except 123Print also offers vertical business cards and business cards printing on linen stock.

Additional Information
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FedEx Office
FedEx Office Coupon Code: GAN151 - 15% Off Your Online Order - Activate
FedEx Office Coupon Code: GOG025 - 25% off on next order - Activate
FedEx Office Coupon Code: POL715 - $25 of $100 or more order - Activate
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